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We believe in partnering with the best of the best electricians, interior designers, property managers and more to make your commercial property stand out. We believe in longterm quality, which means we will work with you to get the biggest return on your investment through long-lasting expert craftsmanship on a schedule that suits you.


You Can Count On

Tyson, our founder, got his construction start as a general contractor and superintendent on commercial projects. With a background in agricultural economics, he recognizes the importance of a functional space that must comply with local requirements. TK Construction highlights his expertise in managing these types of projects within a client’s preferred timeframe. Our entire team is dedicated to organization, communication, and discretion when it comes to these projects and will work with your business to make something long-lasting.

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The performance by TK Construction has been outstanding in every regard. We appreciate your professionalism, your sensitivity to our needs, and your desire to achieve completed projects on time and within budget. The design capabilities you have brought to the table for our projects have saved precious time and money, something we really appreciate!
Chuck Cowart
TK Construction is an OUTSTANDING construction company that has done a ton of work for us on our ranch located in Jack County, Texas. His workmanship is beyond compare and his crew members all do an outstanding job on any project that we request be done.
Steve Armstrong
TK Construction did a ground up build for us in 2019-2020. They built two homes for us on some undeveloped land we had owned for several years. It was a job with a lot of pitfalls and unexpected obstacles which they were able to meet head on. The result was two beautiful homes that we now enjoy. Our experience with them was very positive and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a quality build.
Jean Schunder