10 Perks of Building a Home in the Country


Have you been thinking about escaping the chaos and building a custom home in the country? If you haven’t already been plotting and planning to start living that country life, you may want to start thinking about all of the benefits of living on a beautiful, rural Texas property. We have curated a list of our top 10 favorite perks of building a home in the country so that you envision all of the benefits of building your own country home.


There is no better reason to build a home in the country. If you want to live away from those nosy neighbors, the country is an excellent place for you.

Larger Lots

You can get a lot more land for your money out in the country, which means larger lots and more of your own beautiful land. Just think of the yard and outdoor entertaining space you can have on your lot.

More Design Options

By building out in the country, you won’t have to worry about HOAs, restrictions, or covenants telling you what you can or cannot build or what style to have.

Creative Opportunities

When you have a home out in the country, you have way more opportunities to be creative with your property. You can add unique driveways, a pool, a shed, or anything else you’d want.

Getting in Touch With Nature

There are some beautiful rural spots in Texas, and with a house on one of these properties, you can get in touch with nature while relaxing in the great outdoors.

Better Pricing

Typically, you can get much more land for much cheaper out in the country, which is something every home buyer can love.

Fewer Restrictions

There are often fewer building restrictions when you build out in the country versus the city.

More Supply, Less Demand

If you are tired of struggling to outbid others for hot properties in the Dallas area, then a country home can be a great alternative. Typically, there is more supply and fewer demands on these lots.

Opportunity to Big Builder

If you have always wanted to build big, then the country is a great place to go. Living in the country offers more flexibility in the size of your lot and home.

A Weekend Retreat

If you have always wanted to escape the city and get in touch with nature, then a country house is a great way to do it. Many customers in the area build second homes in rural areas as a way to escape.

If you feel motivated to build a new home in the country and want to bring this dream to life, TK Construction is here to help. There are so many great benefits of building a house out in the country, and we specialize in crafting beautiful, custom, country homes for families in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Contact us today to discuss all of the possibilities of your future country home.